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Welcome to the EMM technical documentation and user guides!

This is the documentation home for EMM (a.k.a. MDM) user guides for each of the user classes: end-users, organisation managers, vendors/masters (a.k.a. multi-organisation managers), and service supervisors. Please remember, what you can do as an organisation managers, you can also do as a multi-organisation (master/vendor) manager, as well as a service supervisor.

You can navigate the documentation from the panel on the left, use search, or use the shortcuts below.

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Guides: End-user, Org Manager, Master/Vendor

Of product branding

The EMM platform is completely white label and be fully rebranded. The default name is "mySync", which is also used in this documentation where appropriate. Otherwise, the documentation refers to the product as "the EMM service". If you have rebranded the EMM service with another name, it does not make this documentation obsolete. For rebranding this documentation, where applicable, we provide this Confluence space as an space export for our customers' internal use. PDF exports are also available.

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